Owner: Imperial Construction, Inc.

Imperial Construction Headquarters

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Easily visible from Interstate 20 in Weatherford is Imperial's new corporate headquarters building. Completed in the spring of 2015, this building houses Imperial Construction's 12,000 square foot headquarters, 4,400 square feet of lease space, a 2,500 square foot workout room and a 10,000 square foot conditioned shop area. 

The building was designed and constructed to be highly energy-efficient, with an envelope R factor of over 25.  The modern, edgy design lends to form and function.  The building can easily accommodate up to 60 office professionals and has plenty of working space for all.  Other features include concrete paving, landscaping, fencing, covered parking area, and an outdoor kitchen with a pavilion for employee gatherings.  

Architect:  Elements of Architecture
Location: Weatherford, Texas

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