Owner: City of Fort Worth, TX

Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods

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This building, originally designed to be a public health facility, underwent a major redesign four months into construction. The building was 70% redesigned after the foundation was in place. Throughout the process, Imperial Construction was there to help solve problems and worked with the design team to get the job done.

The result was a two story, 36,600 square foot building, that was the city's first building designed to meet the Leadership in Environmental Excellence Design (LEED) Silver Standard.  It houses the City's Code Compliance Department's Consumer Health and Enforcement Divisions, the Community Realtions Department's Neighborhood Education/Outreach, Enforcement, Early Childhood Matters and Women's Health Initiative Divisions; a police storefront, and two community prosecutors.

Architect:  Dennehy Architects
Location:  Fort Worth, TX

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