Owner: City of Fort Worth

Will Rogers Memorial Center Pavilion

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At Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX, Imperial Construction built a new 145' X 300' open air pavilion. The pavilion, constructed using steel framing, concrete foundation, CMU and brick, also includes plumbing and electrical systems. It is located adjacent to the Richardson-Bass Building and John Justin Arena and has a covered walkway to the building.

The new Multi-Purpose Pavilion will further enhance the complex's  world-class amenities, and bolster its position to attract many of the largest and most prestigious world and national level equestrian events. The Pavilion will comfortably accommodate a 125' X 250' covered open-air arena, which will also support the option to host more than one major event at a time.

Architect:  Hahnfeld, Hoffer, Stanford
Location:  Fort Worth, TX

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