Owner: Federal Aviation Administration

New TRACON Facility

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Imperial Construction built a $17 million dollar, 48,000 square foot Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility, (TRACON), including 13 acres of site work.  Site work included parking, roads, and security fence. Building construction included precast wall panels, mechanica, electrical and plumbing systems, interior and exterior finishes, site security, access controls, lightening protection and utility/communication duct bank back to the existing RTR site.

Over two miles of duct bank were installed with work being performed at the end location to connect to the active air traffic control tower.  The construction site is located within the boundaries of the George Bush Intercontinental Airport adjacent to existing runway and taxiway safety and object free areas.  A portion of the work took place in the Airport Operation Area. Imperial Construction coordinated with local and airport authorities throughout the project to ensure compliance with all local and federal airport procedures.

Architect:  Federal Aviation Administration
Location: Houston, Texas

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