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Ingram Concrete Plant

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Imperial Construction built this new plant for Ingram Concrete in Crowley, Texas. The new state-of-the-art plant is on an 8-acre site with 93,000 SF of paving. Site specialties include a 6-inch pavement pad with metal fibers, a stunning 186-foot-long aggregate conveyor and processing system, and 17 piers running 20-30 feet into the ground. 

On-site is a 1,500 SF administration building for housing operation personnel. The administration building is fully automated and can control and monitor every aspect of plant operation from inside. This building has two vacuum tubes that are routed to the slump rack on the far side of the property, these allow truck drivers to access delivery tickets safely and in a time-efficient manner. The reclaimer bay is built with four settling tanks to divide and naturally separate materials. Also of note are the 6 aggregate pens with electricity and a sprinkler system to prevent dust, a 600-foot water well, a 25,000-gallon water storage tank, an illuminated monument sign, an over-sized fuel tank, and a privacy fence with rock columns.

Architect: CADCO Architects
Location: Crowley, TX

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