Owner: Alpine ISD

Alpine ISD High School

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Imperial managed the expansive and new two-story educational addition to the existing high school campus encompassing 62,788 square feet of modern and comprehensive learning environments. This flagship building addition houses versatile classrooms, a generous assembly area, contemporary offices, a well-equipped library, arts, dedicated spaces for physical education, a gymnasium including locker rooms, a shop, a band hall, and a capacious kitchen and cafeteria.  Extensive renovations included upgrading 31,176 square feet of the existing school and expanding by an extra 8,445 square feet to revitalize the existing campus with top-notch facilities that support modern educational approaches. This included a central field house and the inclusion of agriculture and welding sections, furnished with the latest equipment for career-oriented training. This initiative aims to foster industry readiness, offering students invaluable hands-on experience in their chosen fields.

Architect: Parkhill Architects
Location: Alpine, Texas

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