Owner: Fort Worth ISD

Fort Worth ISD Southwest High School

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Imperial Construction, demonstrating their expertise as a CMAR agent, oversaw the phased renovations of Fort Worth ISD Southwest High School with meticulous planning, budget management, and a strong focus on safety for the active campus. The renovation was divided into three strategic phases:

  • Phase 1 enhanced existing areas, creating larger and more versatile spaces for robotics/engineering labs and a remodeled library with innovative collaboration rooms.
  • Phase 2 focused on infrastructure and space optimization, including enclosing exterior yards for interior classrooms, advanced electrical upgrades, and the development of modern science labs and interactive classrooms.
  • Phase 3 improved the cafeteria and auditorium, ensured accessibility, and added exterior enhancements to the courtyard, along with remodeled classrooms and administrative areas.

Location:  Fort Worth, Texas

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